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Job description

Opening: iOS developer


Felyx is expanding! The coming years we are facing hyper-growth in The Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Therefore, we are looking for an ambitious iOS Developer to make our iOS app the best it can be!


As urbanization is rising and air quality is deteriorating, we feel the need to make our cities greener and healthier by offering a sustainable mobility solution. And being a fun way around town is, of course, a great bonus! At felyx, everybody is contributing to a cleaner city within their own expertise by making this swift door-to-door transportation the new status quo. We are working together as an ambitious team of entrepreneurs, creatives, operators and engineers, and are looking to grow as we scale the business throughout Europe.

Do you share our DNA: self-starting, social, driven and a great sense of humor?

Great! Join our ride!


Here's the challenge

You will own the iOS app and build it out to provide a great customer experience for all of our users. Together with the rest of the development team, especially the Android part, you will come up with new data-driven ways to make felyx more successful and serve our customers better.

Existing iOS development experience is a must for this position, but we also care about general engineering skills. Our ideal candidate has a few years of experience developing iOS apps. Striving to develop high-quality, maintainable software is important for us, as is being familiar with fundamental software engineering best practices to ensure the quality of our product. You will be part of our engineering team, which consists of 8 other team members. You will work with our back-end engineers and data scientists to implement new features in the app as they become available.


We get truly excited if you

  • Have at least two years of experience in designing and building high quality iOS apps with user experience and maintainability in mind 
  • Have a deep understanding of Swift and the iOS devices landscape
  • Are uncomfortable shipping code with a low test coverage!
  • Have experience with various forms of automated testing (unit, functional, integration, UI tests) 
  • Are experienced integrating and working with REST or GraphQL APIs 
  • Know your way around Git, Xcode, CI & CD tools 
  • Have strong abstract reasoning skills and an agile and pragmatic mindset 
  • Have excellent communication skills and are fluent in English 

Bonus points if you 

  • Have experience creating mobile apps for other platforms (Android), professionally or as a hobby project 
  • Have experience in writing software for other parts of the stack, e.g. back-end or front-end
  • Have a BS/MS degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • Have one or more apps currently published in the Apple App Store


To make it a bit more fun, we ask you to upload your resume using an API, as consuming APIs is an integral part of our work here at felyx. Piece of cake right? We look forward to meeting great engineers and hope to welcome you to felyx soon!


P.S. In the near future other positions will be opening up at felyx. So, if you got enthusiastic about the company culture but the vacancies don’t match your skills, then feel free to still share your resume with us ( so we can connect once a matching position becomes available.

How to apply?

To apply for this position, use our API to upload your resume.


Endpoint: Request type: POST Request body: JSON dictionary which specifies:

  • your email (`email`, which should be a string)
  • your name (`name`, which should be a string)
  • your phone number (`phone`, which should be a string)
  • a base64 encoded representation of a PDF file that contains your resume (`file`, which should be a string)
  • Optional: the name of the person you were referred by (`referredBy`, which should be a string)


If all goes well the API returns a 200 status code. Any other status means your resume was not submitted to us. Check the response for details.


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