Full Stack Developer (medior)

Job description

Felyx is expanding! The coming years we are facing hyper-growth in The Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Therefore, we are looking for ambitious Full Stack Developers to build our new technological architecture, the foundation of the company, together with the Lead Developer. 

We are a young and driven scale-up, with our innovative and sustainable tech platform, we are making swift door-to-door transportation the new status quo. Working together with an ambitious team of entrepreneurs, operators and engineers, we are looking to grow as we scale the business throughout Europe. Do you want to make social impact on urban mobility and drive change? Plus, you share the same DNA: self-starter, social, driven and values based on integrity. Great! We want you!

Here's the challenge

We are primarily working with Go, but we care much more about general engineering skills than about knowledge of specific programming languages or frameworks. Our ideal candidate enjoys working on both the front-end and back-end parts of any piece of software. Striving to develop high-quality, maintainable software is important for us, as is knowledge of various forms of automated software testing. We are a team of 6 developers which you will be a part of.


We get truly excited if you

  • Have past experience in designing and building large-scale systems with reliability and maintainability in mind 
  • Master at least two of the following languages: Go, Java, Python, Node
  • Have experience with one of the following frontend frameworks: React/Vue/Angular
  • Are interested in building out your Go knowledge
  • Enjoy being a generalist working across the entire stack 
  • Are uncomfortable shipping code with less than 90% test coverage!
  • Have experience with various forms of automated testing (unit, functional, integration and E2E tests) 
  • Are experienced integrating and working with third party (REST) APIs 
  • Know your way around Git, Docker, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, CI & CD tools, gRPC
  • Have strong abstract reasoning skills and an agile and pragmatic mindset 
  • Have excellent communication skills and are fluent in English
  • Have strong relational data modeling skills
  • Have experience with mobile first API design
  • Have extensive knowledge of object-oriented programming patterns and/or are have experience with other programming paradigms.

Bonus points if you 

  • Have experience creating mobile (iOS/Android) apps, professionally or as a hobby project 
  • Have a BS/MS degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • Have experience with cloud infrastructure tools like Terraform and Spinnaker

To make it a bit more fun, we ask you to upload your resume using an API, as this is an integral part of our work here at felyx. Piece of cake right? We look forward to meeting great software engineers and hope to welcome you to felyx soon!

How to apply?

To apply for this position, use our API to upload your resume.

Endpoint: https://api.felyx.app/careers/jobs/full-stack-developer/apply

Request type: POST

Request body: JSON dictionary which specifies:

  • your email (`email`, which should be a string)
  • your name (`name`, which should be a string)
  • your phone number (`phone`, which should be a string)
  • a base64 encoded representation of a PDF file that contains your resume (`file`, which should be a string)
  • Optional: the name of the person you were referred by (`referredBy`, which should be a string)

If all goes well the API returns a 200 status code. Any other status means your resume was not submitted to us. Check the response for details.

Should you have any questions about this position, send an email to jobs@felyx.nl. However,

please note that we only accept applications through our API.

Acquisitie wordt niet op prijs gesteld.

At felyx we believe that the best workplace is one that represents the world we live in today. This means we believe that diversity in the broadest sense of the word connects us and drives us forward as a company.

We believe that diversity goes hand in hand with different perspectives. It is these different perspectives that can help us become better and more innovative in finding solutions for our customers.

And because we believe this can be achieved, we are looking for colleagues who are intrinsically motivated and bring the right experience. Gender, age, sexual orientation or origin will never be a factor and will never become one.