CRO (Chief Revenue Officer)

Job description

Are you a leader who is a master at integrating and aligning all revenue-related functions with long term strategy in mind? Are you sure that your business acumen, data-driven and communicative skills will accelerate the growth within felyx? Do not hesitate and let’s go!

Felyx is a sustainable e-moped sharing platform with a proven business model in The Netherlands and Belgium. The company is now looking to further strengthen its market-leadership position by onboarding a Chief Revenue Officer who will have full responsibility for all activities concerning felyx’ revenue drivers. How? By maintaining, sustaining, and improving the frequency and regularity of felyx's revenue.

How is felyx currently positioned?

Felyx is one of the few micro-mobility players in the world that is EBITDA positive on group level with a fleet of c3,000 e-mopeds. We are a young company with more than a hundred employees, working in the operations or at the head office in Amsterdam. You can describe us as passionate, ambitious, entrepreneurial and transparent. We are very proud of the fact that we have been named by LinkedIn as one of the top start-ups to work at for the second time in a row (2nd place), together with many other prestigious awards we’ve received since our start in 2017. We are operational in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Delft, Groningen, Eindhoven and Brussels including neighbouring municipalities and will be launching 10 more Dutch cities in 2020 and 2021. Next to that, we have a strong focus on scaling internationally over the coming years.

The role

Sales leaders used to be judged by how many products their team sold. Nowadays, effective revenue generation depends on creating a seamless customer journey. The CRO is responsible for the integration and alignment of all revenue-related teams and is in the lead to create the best possible customer experience. The strength of the CRO is primarily in the field of innovation because the existing products still have a lot of unrealized market potential. We are looking for someone who can connect with all revenue-related teams and who will deploy their analytical skills to discover new insights and strategies. You do this in part by focusing on the tech part of the organization, since 80% of the growth starts with a solid knowledge of tech and strong product development. Apart from being a tech, sales, and marketing genius, the new CRO must be a seasoned executive, business leader, and diplomat who knows how to navigate the boardroom effortlessly. Are you ready for this dynamic and challenging role? Hop on our green vehicle and join us!

What you will do:

  • Be a strategic partner to the COO and CFO and key leadership team: implement an aggressive growth plan whilst improving business performance, in alignment with approved budgets and strategic priorities
  • Create a long-term timeline with revenue focused projects, by using the input of the HQ and local LT’s
  • Manage and lead the General Managers, Global Head of Marketing and the Global Head of New Revenue to encourage maximum performance and growth
  • Know how we can best achieve growth, with your knowledge and vision, through the implementation of strong product development and the right features.
  • Measure and evaluate business metrics to improve performance
  • Facilitate company growth and culture through effective organisational development
  • Collaborate with cross-functional partners internally to design and built efficient internal systems and process, and rollout successful strategic initiatives.



  • A minimum of 7 years leadership or management team experience + 5 years of experience throughout his/ her career
  • A data-driven 'do-er'
  • Knowledge of product growth and sales strategies
  • Driven, fast-paced and enjoy the pace of a scale-up
  • Acted as part of a management team and knows how to use all verticals to accumulate growth
  • Passionate for innovation and a great understanding of the changing micro mobility landscape
  • Able to make smart decisions in ambiguous situations
  • Very well organized and thrive on being a step ahead


  • Results-driven team player with the ability to set up long-term visions since you will forecast future revenue and take accountability for both short-term success and long-term strategy
  • Fantastic communicator who maintains an excellent communication framework across the various organizational functions and shares best practices among the revenue stream managers to maximize revenue production
  • Empathic, proactive, and decisive leader with the ability to motivate teams, to work together with diverse groups across countries and a good understanding of external stakeholder management
  • Perfect combination between being a business leader and a market maker, such that you work towards a goal of continually improving and developing sustainable results and at the same time to craft, communicate and transform the company's vision into a long-term strategy for pioneering new markets and opportunities
  • Strong analytical skills to discover new insights
  • Self-motivated and the ability to learn new skills that enable you to grow quickly
  • Fluent in Dutch and English

What we offer

  • The opportunity to grow with us and to conquer Europe in the coming year
  • The trust of the organization to maximize the revenue!
  • Flexibility to make sure your work/life is in balance
  • Terms of employment consisting of: fixed salary, good pension fund, unlimited vacation days and the option to participate in felyx